How long have you been a DJ?
I have been in the entertainment industry for 10 years.

Why do you enjoy being a DJ?
At the age of 14, I started working for Stony Brook Athletics, as a music coordinator and a PA Announcer for all the home Ice Hockey games. The job was to play all the in-arena music as well as make all the in-game announcements for fans. I always wanted to be a DJ and this was my first step towards that career. I got a job as a roadie at the age of 15 where I would help set up the gear for events and take Zap shot photos during the parties. While working as a roadie I decided to invest in DJ equipment so I could start practicing at home. Less than one year after stepping foot into the industry, I started DJing events which consisted of mostly Sweet 16’s. Right away I felt right at home and knew this is something I truly enjoy. A few years later, I made my way to the bar/club scene where I got to explore a totally different style of DJing, a more free-wheeling high energy style. My main focus was always private events but I did enjoy Djing in the nightlife scene on occasion. By my late teens-early twenty’s I had gone through a few nightlife residencies, spun on the radio, produced many mixtape CD’s, and DJ’d the opening act at a Kesha concert. After many different and unique events, I had DJ’d to this point in my career I started to focus on the wedding industry. I started working at LI Sound at the age of 21, where right away Scott took me under his wing. Scott, someone with a tremendous amount of experience, saw potential in me as a young kid and helped me become a polished DJ in this industry. He taught me so much in a very short period of time and helped me build another level of confidence in DJing. Since I joined the team at LI Sound I became a lot more experienced DJ and it was then that I realized I love being a DJ because I am able to showcase my creativity every week on the dancefloor and I am able to connect with people through music which is something I had always wanted since the age of 14.

How would you describe your style as a DJ?
Having DJ’d in both the Private Event Industry as well as the nightlife scene, I always try to blend the two styles as much as possible. I always cater to the client and their guests while bringing a high energy mixing style to every party. One of my favorite things as a DJ is looking up and seeing a Bride & Groom on the dancefloor with their guests enjoying the best day of their life.