Jon G

How long have you been in been an MC/DJ:
I have been in the entertainment industry for over 20 yrs.

Why do you enjoy being a DJ/MC:
Many years ago at the age of 5 I started in the martial arts, my martial arts instructor at the time was also a DJ. I was very impressed with his outlook on life and I really wanted to follow in his footsteps. Over the years I tried to convince him to teach me how to DJ and, at the age of 12, he finally agreed to teach me. I quickly found out that I had an amazing talent for both DJing and MCing and by the age of 14 I was headlining parties on my own. The pride I felt, as a young adult was unmatched and it really help guide me as I even went to college for Music and Film. As I look back I truly enjoy creating energy on the dance floor and it’s a constant reminder of how music was such a positive impact in my life.

How would you describe your style as a DJ/MC
Since I started at such a young age I was lucky enough to learn from some of the best professionals in the industry. I’m capable performing at the most elegant and formal of events to the most relaxed and low key of evenings. I really strive to create a personal relationship with my clients, so they feel comfortable and make sure their experience is everything they dreamed of.