How long have you been an MC?
I have been an MC for over 11 years and a professional singer and guitar player for 15 years.

Why do you enjoy being an MC?
There’s nothing greater than being able to use my talents and gifts of being an entertainer to create spectacular moments for people.  To me performing is an art and it takes someone special to be able to perform week after week with the same genuine love, passion and charisma that I have which keeps me at the top of my game.   I feel it is a wonderful blessing to MC weddings and private parties where I get to be instrumental in orchestrating the event to tailor people’s needs.  I am very keen on detail and listen well to my clients and always try my best to make sure their vision becomes a reality on their special day.  Moreover, I love music and take pride in being part of an awesome team of professionals who have passion and love for what they do.

How would you describe your style as an MC?
I consider myself as having an outgoing, witty, charming, charismatic and dynamic personality.  I have a powerful and commanding voice but I speak with elegance and I conduct myself as a true professional.  When I get the opportunity to meet with clients I always inquire about what they are looking for in my role on that day.  I consider myself a great party motivator who can command a room and get everyone on the dance floor but I can also be more of the behind the scenes man on the microphone orchestrating the event.  I do love to dance but I am not the guy stealing any spotlights.   I definitely know my place as an entertainer and keep the focus on my clients above everything.  This is your day, your time and your very special moment and my job is to make sure your guests never forget that!