How long have you been in been an MC/DJ:
I have been in the entertainment Industry for 8 years

Why do you enjoy being an MC?
When I was in high school, my best friend got a job as a DJ. As he worked more parties, he asked for my help. Soon we began working together and I became hooked with the entertainment industry. What really drew me to this job was the satisfaction I got from orchestrating peoples special day. What I enjoy most is talking with the party organizers and bringing their vision to life. Additionally, my high-energy charismatic personality allows me to get everyone to the dance floor. Lastly, I love creating memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

How Long have you been an MC/DJ?
I have been In the entertainment Industry for 15 years.

Why Do you enjoy being a DJ/MC?
A friend who was working as a technician/roadie for a DJ company introduced me to the entertainment industry. I quickly fell in love with the entire culture of music and entertainment and, with my background in hip-hop and break dancing, I found myself dancing and creating smiles with people on their special day. In 2011 I was blessed to become part of the LI SOUND team and was surrounded by some of the best wedding MC’s in the business. The guys here helped me understand how to truly deliver on the microphone and helped me become a polished MC. One of the core beliefs at LI Sound is that every MC should understand and learn how to mix music to sync with the DJ while they’re mixing. My passion for DJing quickly grew and, with the help of my good friend Rusty, I had found another aspect of entertainment that I really enjoyed. Becoming part of the LI SOUND team was an extremely proud moment for me, because I now have the opportunity to help couples plan their wedding day. I wasn’t surprised to find out that this opportunity quickly turned into another passion of mine, as I can now use my creativity to help people design the wedding of their dreams. Once again the smiles that I see every weekend is a constant reminder of why I love doing what I do.

How would you describe your style as a DJ or MC?
Because of my many years in this industry, I believe I can call upon many different aspects of an entertainer. I feel I am a very well rounded, professional and can adapt to any style of party. Whether you need me to kick start the party with some head-spins, create a classic party atmosphere with a soul train, or put a sincere message behind those once in a lifetime moment you can be assured that your guest will be ranting and raving about your party for many years to come.