How long have you been a DJ/MC?
I started out as a DJ in 1986 from my obsession with music, the way it sounded as well as the way it made you feel. As a child, I would spend days upon days playing with the Turntable in my Grandmothers home. I would honestly play those records all day long.

Why do you enjoy being a DJ/MC?
At the age of 14 a neighbor, who was a Nightclub DJ, introduced me to the art of mixing music! I was amazed by the idea that you could take 2 songs and blend the beats together to create something completely different! This concept was so incredible to me that I spent the next 3 years trying to perfect the art of mixing. At 17 I was introduced to the private event side of the business and learned the structure of a party and how to entertain a crowd. As a very passionate and creative person the outlet that entertainment provided, was perfect for someone like me. Aside from spending time with my family, there is nothing that I would rather be doing.

How would you describe your style as a DJ/MC?
In 1998, I was introduced to Chris from LI Sound and we hit it off right away. He possessed a level of confidence, drive, and style that was unmatched in the wedding industry. I instantly knew I wanted to be part of that team! I spent the next 20 years mastering the art of communicating with a crowd! During the first 10 years, the excitement was to engage the Audience, be involved in the dance floor, and elevate the energy to a 10! Today, I continue to have the same passion for what we do musically but also LOVE the complete understanding of how we build amazing events. Meeting 2 people, helping them make the right decisions and watching it all come together is a new Passion!! I truly believe you have one shot to create something that can never be redone….