How long have you been in been an MC/DJ:
I have been in the entertainment Industry for 15 years

Why do you enjoy being an MC?
When I was in high school, my best friend got a job as a DJ. As he worked more parties, he asked for my help. Soon we began working together and I became hooked with the entertainment industry. What really drew me to this job was the satisfaction I got from orchestrating peoples special day. What I enjoy most is talking with the party organizers and bringing their vision to life. Additionally, my high-energy charismatic personality allows me to get everyone to the dance floor. Lastly, I love creating memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

How would you describe your style MC?
I am high energy and charismatic without being over the top. With my 8 years of experience as an MC, I know when my skills are needed to help get your party going, but I also know when to hold back. The best way that I can describe my style is that I Integrate myself into your party as if I was meant to be there the whole time. Professionalism, class, and peace of mind are some of the aspects I bring.